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I would  like to send you a warm welcome from the South Library. The library is a very busy place. We will be enjoying our “The Lobo Way” theme this year. The AR program will continue to be fun and rewarding.  I give rewards all year long and every day, so please read my notes I send home. Here are a few expectations that will help get you started on AR:
1. Read carefully. To earn rewards your average must be a 70% or higher. We are focusing on comprehension.  Second and third graders will take a reading quiz test to determine your comfort zone. If you read books that are too easy, the AR program will not let you take the quiz. If you read books too hard, you will have trouble reading the quiz to earn points & rewards. Some teachers require a certain amount of reading to be done each week, so be sure to check with her to meet her expectations. Parents this is a great way to get involved and help your children be successful at South. Remember, I give rewards daily.  
2. Be responsible. Do not leave books out in the rain or in a place where a dog will chew them. Do not lose your books. Do not leave them out in the weather. I suggest you keep your own books.  Several books have been "lost" that have been borrowed from another student. Lost or torn-up books have to be paid for before you can check out new books from this library (Board Policy 110902) & before you can be rewarded AR prizes, participate in extra-curricular activities, or collect your report card at the end of the year.
3. Come in everyday! You may come to the library every day that you read both  books & pass both quizzes (or one if you are reading a chapter book).  It is a privilege to come to the library every day, so do your best. There is a scheduled time for you to visit the library during every school day, but you can come when your teacher allows & when I do not have a scheduled class.
4. Earn rewards. Remember that you must keep your average up to 70% to get rewarded. You may come to the library to get prizes for meeting AR goals when your teacher gives you permission.
5. The lab is open before school for first & second graders take quizzes with a teacher that is in there to help. And third graders will come to the library before school every morning to complete AR quizzes & finish any undone homework.

If these expectations are met, you will have a successful year when trying to meet reading goals & you will have fun reading books that you like.

Do not hesitate to email me at if you have any questions or if you do not understand something.


Mission Statement

The mission of the South Elementary Library Media Program is to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of ideas and information so that they become life-long learners. The library will be the information center of the school, supporting the school's curriculum. This mission will be accomplished:

  • by providing intellectual & physical access to materials in all formats.
  • by providing instruction that fosters competence.
  • by having enrichment classes in the library.
  • by stimulating interest in reading, viewing, & using information & ideas in various formats.
  • by collaborating with other educators to design learning strategies to meet the needs on individual students.


The goals of the South Elementary Library Media Program point to the development of a community of learners that is student centered, sustained by a creative, energetic library media program. South students will become skillful consumers and producers of information, using different sources and formats so that they can thrive personally and economically in this communication age. These goals will be met as follows:

  • provide access to information in all formats.
  • develop strategies for selecting, retrieving, evaluating, & communicating information in all formats, including technology.
  • collaborate with & assist teachers in all content areas.
  • collaborate with teaching staff to promote & reinforce students 'interests & abilities in reading, listening & viewing.
  • focus on the process of learning rather than just the dissemination of information.
  • combine effective learning & teaching strategies, & activities trough enrichment that promote information access skills that will help students locate & use resources to understand & communicate ideas & information effectively.

Weekly Homework

Your reading teacher requires you to read a certain amount each week. Be sure to complete that task to earn rewards.